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Galam invests $20m in two new production plants for prebiotic fibre

July 23, 2020
Food & Drink

Ingredients manufacturer Galam has announced that it has recently launched two new production plants for prebiotic fibre, following a $20 million investment.

The Israel-based company says that its new plants, which are producing sc-FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides/oligofructose), each have a ‘strict’ quality control system and a capacity of thousands of tons.

The facility in Israel specialises in FOS production in powder form and exports worldwide; the plant in Barcelona, Spain, specialises in liquid FOS production for the European market.

Galam’s short chain sc-FOS (branded as GOFOS) is a prebiotic fibre produced from beet sugar by a proprietary enzymatic process.

The company says that sc-FOS provides benefits through balancing the gut microbiota and can help meet sugar reduction and fibre enrichment requirements, with common applications including cereals, bakery and dairy.

“Short chain fructo-oligosaccharides (sc-FOS) are one group of strong prebiotics highly known and documented for their beneficial roles in colon wellbeing,” said Fernando Schved, VP R&D, support & CSO at Galam.

“The shorter oligosaccharides consisting of sc-FOS have been documented to be effectively fermented thus providing a proven prebiotic effect at lower doses.”

Commenting on the recent expansion of the company’s operations, Galam CEO Liad Cohen said: “Based on the vast technological experience that Galam has obtained over the past 80 years and our understanding of the market, we have decided to invest $20 million in our new facilities.

“The world’s demand for prebiotic fibres in general and FOS in particular is rapidly increasing and Galam is working on being a major supplier of high quality sc-FOS in this growing worldwide market.”

By: Antonia Garrett Peel

Source: Food Bev Media

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