Expertise and sound counsel shaped by real-life experience in your industry

Our seasoned consultants provide sound advice founded on candid, trust-based relationships focused on your success. We understand the realities of executive life and what it takes to be in the driving seat, from having managed large organizations in our earlier careers.

From management appraisal to leadership team effectiveness, and diversity & inclusion to personal career transition, we align the context of your business and personal objectives to business strategy.

We are a team of experienced individuals with shared values and a pragmatic approach. We come together to develop purposeful,  personalized solutions that best fit your style and leadership journey.

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Career Transition

When new doors open

Making a career transition to a new role inside or outside your company, now or at a later stage in life, can be a daunting experience, as well as a great opportunity to reflect on what truly drives you. We work with executives to assess capabilities and life goals to transition to a new role, a more purpose-driven second career, or to set the stage for board positions. We assess your needs and motivations, provide support, and act as an impartial, personal advisor to ensure the next step is well thought-through,  successful, and rewarding.

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Diversity & Inclusion


Diversity & Inclusion is a strategic commitment. Although accepted as essential to building diverse leadership boards and collaborative teams, knowing ‘how to’ and the internal ‘buy-in’ is all too frequently lacking. We help you create the commitment to Diversity & Inclusion so that it’s fully integrated into your business objectives and operations.  We work with you to design a bespoke roadmap to shape the company ethos around diverse cultures and interests. We are there to make different perspectives, cultures, and interests work for you.

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Cohesive Leadership


We collaborate with business leaders who want to lead a purposeful business and build cohesive management teams. The business insights of our leadership consultants, their ability to deliver candid advice and their unwavering commitment to be part of your journey will help you build and lead high performing teams that appreciate the power of unity and working towards a common purpose.

Building a Personal Brand


Ambitious leaders understand that building a personal brand requires more than promoting solid business results. Sharing stories that inspire, clarify, or state a point of view is essential to motivate others and develop a reputation as an accomplished leader. The Borderless team will help you to articulate your business persona, align it with your personal purpose, and curate stories that will be retold time and again, positioning you as a sought-after leader, who is respected, recognized and remembered.

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Communicating Change


In a period defined by constant change, the true measure of your skill as an executive is your ability to lead teams through inevitable turbulence and anxiety. Leading change requires effective communications strategies that incorporate two essential elements, listening and persuading. We work with you and your leadership team to define and execute robust, compelling communications plans that motivate and sustain your change initiatives.

Meet our Advisors

An experienced team delivering pragmatic, customized solutions

Andrew Kris
People describe me as a “seasoned advisor and business leader”. They mean I have enough experience to place business issues in context, to challenge and advise on strategies and people, and organisations.
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Dominique Côté
I am passionate about identifying leaders to build customer centric organizations and high performance teams. I have always enjoyed working across cultures and how health science innovation can transform patients’ lives.
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Finn Gjersøe
I warm to the challenges of personal leadership, to turnarounds with integrity, and to find ways to mobilise engagement in organisations. My energies go to leadership team development and personal coaching.
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Peter Vermeulen
Clients rely on my expertise and coaching on diversity & inclusion, executive transition, HR transformation and technology. I am motivated by helping leaders drive organizational and talent success.
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Taunya Renson-Martin
I help corporate leadership teams define and execute communications for organizational change programs, crafting the “change story”, mapping stakeholder messages, developing presentations, videos, events and more.
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Renu Hanegreefs-Snehi
A leading Fortune 500 CEO once described me as: “An inspiring leader who excels in building corporate and personal brands on their good days – and protecting them on their bad days.”
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Frederick du Plessis
I focus on mentoring executives on career development and strategic thinking helping executives with career-reinvention, leadership consciousness and creating greater meaning and purpose in their lives.
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