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UK academics, Boots secure inclusive skincare research funding

December 10, 2023
Diversity & Inclusion

The University of Manchester (UoM), Boots and No7 Beauty Company in the UK have secured multi-million-pound funding for an inclusive dermatology research programme.

Project Spectrum seeks to redress a historical imbalance in the existing body of skin research, which previously focused on lighter skin tones, with darker skin tones underrepresented or overlooked completely.

The research project will explore how skin structure, function and response to sunlight is influenced by melanin, the pigment determining skin colour, with the goal of delivering effective skincare solutions that are fit for purpose and address the needs of all people, setting a new standard for inclusivity.

Project Spectrum builds on an existing, highly successful, 15-year research collaboration between No7 Beauty Company, Boots and UoM that has made significant advances in the science of skin structural remodelling linked to environmental and age-related damage.

The partnership has produced over 100 scientific publications and enabled new skincare solutions for skin health and ageing to reach UK consumers.

The Prosperity Partnerships funding represents an exciting evolution of this collaboration, uniting national and international experts in skin biology, photobiology, and skin gerontology.

Dr Abigail Langton, Lecturer in Ethnic Skin and Principal Investigator on Project Spectrum, said: “The UoM’s Centre for Dermatology Research boasts an outstanding track record in fundamental skin research.

“Our longstanding partnership with Boots and No7 Beauty Company has allowed us to not only delve into the intricacies of skin science but also deliver tangible benefits to consumers through clinical translational research,” she added.

“Through Project Spectrum, we aim to break new ground in the exploration of skin, building both capacity and capability in skin research and fostering a more holistic and inclusive approach to dermatological research”.


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