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Stop asking what’s wrong with women

July 23, 2016
Borderless Leadership

As Borderless prepares to present at the Women in Leadership Forum on 5 October during the CPhI Congress in Barcelona, it’s timely to ask whether organisations are really committed to growing female talent. In a thought-provoking article, Avivah Wittenberg-Cox asks if it’s time to forget Cinderella and instead question whether the prince (that is, the business) is up to the dance.

Instead of companies spending money on recruiting women they cannot retain, Wittenberg-Cox argues they should be creating a level playing field for all. That might mean changing the way talent is identified, and when.

As Wittenberg-Cox notes, companies normally identify their high-potential future talent when workers are in their early 30s – just the time many women choose to have children. Is it another example of the many ‘systemic blindspots’ that are holding women back?

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