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Borderless Executive Search welcomes two new partners, Linda Stone, and Brian Hughes

October 14, 2022
Borderless Leadership

October brings exciting news for Borderless as we welcome two new partners to the Team: Linda Stone and Brian Hughes.

Brian and Linda have contributed greatly to the success of the firm through the last five years as consultants. Their expertise has enabled us to realize significant growth year-on-year even through the most difficult years of the pandemic. As we enter a fresh era, their role as partners signifies their long-term commitment to Borderless and its values, and their commitment to clients and candidates, who put their trust in Linda’s and Brian’s expertise and wise counsel.

Linda Stone

Based in the life sciences ‘hub’ of Minneapolis, Linda brings a rich mix of legal, employment, and non-profit experience in a healthcare context to the team. Following 20 years in employment-based immigration law, Linda’s professional accomplishments extend to more than 90 countries and a broad range of life sciences and biotech industries.

A systems thinker, at ease in board and leadership environments, Linda has the ability to distill and communicate the essence of complex issues with simplicity and elegance.

“I understand [from personal experience] what it takes to build a cohesive, high functioning team. At Borderless, we work closely with our clients to determine which combination of exceptional individuals will make for the best team. Each client sets their unique strategy and entrusts us to understand and translate it to identify, and tap into the talents of a diverse group fostering an environment that enables everyone to thrive and advance the organization’s success,” says Linda.

A native English speaker, fluent in Spanish, Linda communicates comfortably in French.

“I derive professional energy from the variety of individuals with whom I meet, the relationships formed, and the daily conversations in which I engage across the globe. I find it exciting and tremendously rewarding that our work contributes to innovations in each of the sectors in which we serve.”

Brian Hughes

Brian brings his extensive corporate HR knowledge to executive search. He has experience working both in and for a range of industries, including biotech and medical devices, as well as logistics, engineering, and finance.

Having earned a degree in languages from Dublin City University, Brian’s skills are complimented by fluency in English, French and Irish as well as a touch of Japanese!

Irish-born and educated in Dublin, Brian has lived around the globe. He spent three years in Japan before relocating to Belgium 14 years ago, where he, his wife and twin boys currently reside.

“I am fascinated by the rapidly evolving landscape of life sciences and chemicals and enjoy observing the current innovations and trends in these areas,” says Brian. “I look forward to building upon our reputation for uncompromising service and expertise to our clients.”

Get to know Brian and Linda, contact Borderless here.

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