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Solar panels must cover large parking lots, rules French Senate

November 13, 2022

French senators have ruled that parking lots with 80 or more cars must have at least half of the spaces covered with solar panels. The decision—passed on November 4—still has to gain assent in the Assemblée Nationale upper house.

The stipulation could generate up 11 gigawatts, or the equivalent of ten nuclear reactors, says the French government.

The proposal was part of a package urging for the acceleration of renewable energies.

Car parks, away from protected areas, with more than 400 spaces must fit solar panels within three years, states the bill.

“We must not delay the implementation of the decarbonization of our economy,” said Senator Agnès Pannier-Runacher during the Senate debate.

Many French parking lots are already covered with solar panels which not only generate power but also protect the cars beneath from heat during the day.

Solar-panel-covered car parks are also common in China.

The law would come into force on July 1 next year.

By Carlton Reid


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