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Zephyr Health Launches Illuminate for Life Science Companies

October 1, 2015
Life sciences

Introducing a New Insights-as-a-Service Solution for Faster, Smarter Decision-Making

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zephyr Health, the leading insights-as-a-service company today launched Zephyr Illuminate™, its next-generation enterprise solution for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostics companies. Zephyr Illuminate integrates global health data from thousands of disconnected sources to provide deep and actionable customer and market insights for faster, more confident decision-making across the entire product planning and launch lifecycle.

“More than 400 products will be launched in the next three years, and yet industry statistics tell us that fewer than half will achieve even half of their sales forecast. Why? Because information guiding these predictions was either wrong, incomplete or more importantly, not driven by the latest available information,” said William King, founder and CEO, Zephyr Health. “Illuminate solves long-standing issues of accessing and integrating data. This new product maximizes time to market for life sciences companies and provides market metrics to instrument their business with facts at every stage of product development, launch and commercialization.”

Illuminate brings together the core capabilities of Zephyr’s existing applications – Voyager, Cocktail and Kaleidescope – creating a next-generation insights platform with a sleek new Web and mobile interface for business users in headquarters and in the field. Illuminate’s Recommendations Engine uncovers new market and customer insights and delivers them to users via easy integration into CRM or Business Intelligence solutions. Proprietary algorithms link out-of-the-box public global healthcare data with customer and vendor data to deliver predictive analytics and actionable business insights.

“We’ve developed the world’s first all-in-one insights engine for global health data,” said Ronald Meaux, vice president of Products at Zephyr Health. “Powerful algorithms and intuitive applications make it easy for our customers to identify the best physicians and hospitals around the world for clinical research, market influence and sales potential.”

Zephyr Illuminate features include:

  • Data on Demand: Access continually updated public data for every major disease area directly from the Zephyr Illuminate platform to eliminate the slow and error-prone process of sourcing, importing, cleaning and linking global health data manually.
  • Zephyr Scores: Easily understand the potential and performance of physicians and hospitals in specific territories, organizing insights by treatment volume, promotional engagement, market influence and clinical research.
  • Zephyr Recommendations: Improve decision making with business-driven suggestions and predictive analytics driven by Illuminate’s industry-leading algorithms and data sciences experts.
  • Geospatial analysis: Visualize sales potential and market share insights for relevant geographies around the globe.
  • Intuitive search: Quickly identify providers and institutions of interest by using organized, easy-to-understand attributes, including advanced filtering and sorting capabilities.
  • Save and refine target lists: Quickly save the results of your search, adding or removing specific target customers or institutions based on field team expertise.
  • Share target lists: Collaborate with field and home office teams by sharing saved lists for validation and refining.
  • Integration with existing IT infrastructure: Automatically and continually integrate internal data with vendor and public data sources to obtain deep insights delivered directly into CRM applications or custom dashboards and reports.

About Zephyr Health

Founded in 2011 by William King, Zephyr Health is the leading insights-as-a-service company harnessing the power of global health data to address critical business and patient needs. From clinical trials to market strategy and sales, Zephyr Illuminate helps Life Sciences companies – pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostics – make confident decisions faster across the entire product lifecycle with precise and predictive customer and market insights. Zephyr Health’s customers include Fortune 100 biopharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical device companies Amgen, Genentech, Gilead, GSK, Medtronic, Onyx and Stryker.

Zephyr Health is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco with offices in London, UK, and Pune, India. Zephyr Health is venture backed by Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Icon Ventures. For more information, please visit:

Source: Zephyr Health

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