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Lonza at SupplySide West: Esports nutrition, capsule tech and joint health to take center stage

October 15, 2022
Life sciences

Pharmaceutical, biotech and specialty ingredient player Lonza will focus on capsule tech solutions, joint health and esports nutrition at the upcoming SupplySide West 2022 exhibition in Las Vegas, US (Oct 31 – Nov 4). The company plans to showcase an expert-led presentation on the white space in esports and how to meet the nutritional needs of professional gamers and fans.

“We will be featuring our innovative portfolio of delivery and formulation solutions, including Lonza’s innovative Capsugel liquid-filled capsule portfolio, our science-backed health ingredients and our launch with Lonza innovation services, a full suite of concept-to-market services that help companies turn ideas into breakthrough products,” Lindsey Toth, director of global marketing at Lonza Capsules & Health Ingredients, tells NutritionInsight.

“Lonza will present a session about the esports nutrition market opportunity, ‘How nutrition brands can get in the game,’” Toth elaborates. “This brand new demographic of consumers represents a large revenue opportunity for nutrition brands, and we are excited to share the ways companies can break through.”

Esports rising
Lonza has been a front-runner in the esports space, recognizing that gamers insist on products that meet their specific needs and that professional gamers may participate in practice sessions and contests that may last for hours at a time. Recently, Lonza hosted a webinar on the subject.

“Esports is taking the world by storm – it is one of the fastest-growing segments in the nutrition market today. With nearly three billion active gamers globally, the time is now for brands to capitalize on the market white space,” continues Toth.

Experts from Lonza will speak on the growing market, the six main health benefits that appeal to gamers, esports and professionals, and suggest innovative product concepts that can help bring their ideas to life at SupplySide West.

“We hope you will join us at Booth #3077 on November 2, from 1 pm-1:20 pm, to learn more,” Toth says.

Getting out and moving around
As the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, people of all ages are getting out and getting active again. According to Toth, this is helping to drive and accelerate growth in the active nutrition category. Furthermore, she states that these consumers want natural and clean label solutions.

Lonza has offerings designed to meet those consumer demands. Its sport probiotic TWK 10 with L. plantarum is made from fermented Taiwanese Kimchi and was shown to halt age-related muscle wasting in a clinical trial. Additionally, its undenatured type II collagen product UC-II was shown to reverse joint flexibility degradation and discomfort by up to ten years.

“TWK10 sports probiotic has been shown to increase circulating blood glucose levels during exercise for improved muscle endurance. It is the first probiotic clinically proven to increase exercise endurance by up to 75%,” Toth underscores.

“Joint support is a major concern for athletes and people who simply want to stay active throughout life,” she continues. “UC-II is a joint health ingredient that is clinically proven to reduce joint discomfort and increase flexibility and mobility in just one small 40 mg dose per day.”

Investing in innovation
Meanwhile, the company intends to speak with potential customers about launching new health and nutrition products as well as how to partner with Lonza for product development, noting that the company invests heavily in bringing forth new and novel science-backed formulations and technologies.

“Combination products that deliver multiple ingredients in one dose are also gaining momentum for wellness-minded consumers looking to support various aspects of their health and wellness at once. Lonza’s Capsugel DUOCAP capsule-in-capsule technology is a perfect solution for combination or dual-release products,” says Toth.

“The delivery system, which consists of a smaller, pre-filled capsule inside of a larger filled capsule, opens up a range of formulation opportunities, enabling active nutrition supplement brands to create a multi-benefit product that supports athletic performance at different stages of exercise.”

Smart and sustainable
Toth further explains that the company wants to ensure that its innovations are environmentally sustainable.

“We are always working to optimize our carbon footprint, whether through our state-of-the-art manufacturing practices or working with like-minded partners to procure high-quality ingredients in a way that helps us reduce waste at the landfill,” she affirms.

“Sustainable innovation is critical for the environment, our employees, and the communities where we work.”

“But, the benefits don’t stop there – sustainability is good for business too and the consumer demand for sustainability is higher than ever before, making it table stakes for all brands and manufacturers to remain relevant in a competitive market.”

By William Bradford Nichols


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