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Clinical data from Boston Scientific and rivals could reshape pulmonary embolism market: analysts

October 1, 2023
Life sciences

Medtech companies are studying a range of catheter-directed treatments for pulmonary embolism, a condition defined by blood clots in the lung. Boston Scientific’s EkoSonic uses ultrasound to dissolve PEs, while Inari’s FlowTriever captures and removes clots. Physicians continue to debate when to use each device.

“There is still a lack of consensus on what is the right device to use and on which patient, given difficulties risk-stratifying patients and the lack of Level I evidence. A panelist discussed how choosing a device is more nuanced and often dependent on user preference, experience and type of clot (proximal vs. distal). We think this could potentially change as new RCT data emerges,” the BTIG analysts wrote.

The analysts shared details of a debate between key opinion leaders to illustrate the lack of consensus. Three experts discussed which catheter to use on an 80-year-old PE patient. One person cited data from Boston Scientific clinical trials to argue for catheter-directed thrombolysis. Another expert used the hemodynamic response and safety profile seen in an Inari study to make the case for aspiration thrombectomy. The third expert proposed a mix of mechanical thrombectomy and catheter-directed thrombolysis. READ MORE

By Nick Paul Taylor


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