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DSM forges F&B business group integrating taste, texture and health know-how

January 15, 2022
Food & Drink

Health and nutrition giant DSM is showcasing a new integrated F&B operating structure that unifies food specialties, hydrocolloids and nutritional products. Positioned as a business group, it will harness the gamut of taste, texture and health solutions to manufacturers in the F&B sector.

The group will combine DSM’s complete portfolio of ingredients and scientific moxie to improve the taste and texture of foods, predominantly plant-based.

“Our combined new F&B powerhouse will allow us to help producers create stand-out products in a number of lucrative yet competitive categories, including dairy, beverages, bakery, brewing, confectionery, fruit and plant-based protein alternatives,” Patrick Niels, executive vice president of food and beverage at DSM, tells FoodIngredientsFirst.

The cornerstone of the company’s new campaign will be “enjoy it all,” referring to the consumers’ prerogative to access taste, texture and health through its products.

“As an advocate and leader in enabling a healthier and more sustainable food system, our solutions help boost process efficiencies, reduce food loss and waste and lower the environmental impact of production and consumption – while also enhancing food’s nutritional profile,” says Niels.

Ahead of the F&B growth curve

The global F&B market is projected to grow, placing pressure on producers “in an already competitive space” to innovate and get to market quickly. DSM aims to get ahead of the growth curve, which will see the market converge with health and wellness along with consumer expectations for products that support health and the environment.

As part of this, DSM is developing specialty proteins including CanolaPro to stay ahead of protein diversification which furthers sustainability in business.

“An example of this in action is our uniquely broad plant-based solutions portfolio. The holy grail for many players in the plant-based space has so far been to mimic the sensory properties of the traditional eating experience as authentically as possible, in terms of taste, texture, and appearance,” explains Niels.

The next horizon in plant-based, which DSM sees coming up very quickly, will be to match the traditional options and encourage consumer awareness on the benefits thereof with front-of-pack claims.

“In response, we have expanded our portfolio of solutions that improve the sensory experience of meat, dairy and also fish alternatives, says Niels.

DSM will continue to invest and innovate in this category in 2022 and beyond. The integrated capabilities will see the company drive innovation in its core F&B categories such as baking, savory and beverages.

The company’s recent acquisition of Vestkorn Milling, a supplier of pea- and bean-derived proteins, starches and dietary fibers complements this growth strategy and is part of its efforts to reach 150 million people with plant-based protein foods by 2030.

The recent acquisition of First Choice Ingredients is another that has enabled DSM to further elevate its taste, texture and health offering for customers.

“This new organization will better serve our customers by providing one-stop-shop access to our full portfolio of food and beverage solutions,” says Niels.

NPD at the core of integration strategy

Several strategic acquisitions have been realized by DSM to complete the integrated portfolio, which was set in motion with DSM’s announcement in September 2021 that it would become a health, nutrition and bioscience company.

The company collaborates with customers to develop innovative beverages, such as sports and energy drinks featuring DSM nutritional premixes and coloration solutions. Customers can leverage its integrated capabilities to develop dairy products with an enhanced nutritional profile, such as #StayStrong, a lactose-free fermented yogurt drink prototype, fortified with L. paracasei and vitamins A, D and E for immune support.

Under this umbrella it will help F&B manufacturers fast-track product development and achieve production efficiency.

“With DSM, our customers get more than a supplier. They get a purpose-led partner that understands their business needs and will help them innovate, improve and grow,” explains Niels.

“The result? Delicious food and beverage products that are good for people and good for the planet,” he says.

DSM endeavors to assist companies to improve their sustainability credentials and achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through its Food System Commitments.

By Inga de Jong


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