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Drinktec 2022: In review

October 2, 2022
Consumer Packaged Goods

In the lead-up to the world-famous Oktoberfest – which celebrates Bavarian tradition, beer and the festival spirit – Munich was already buzzing with activity by the time the doors opened to Drinktec 2022 on 12-16 September.

The atmosphere was lively, with approximately 50,000 visitors from 169 countries in attendance. A total of 1,002 exhibitors spanned 150,00 square metres of the Messe München centre, each showcasing a range of technology from the beverage and liquid food industries.

Reinhard Pfeiffer, CEO of Messe München, said: “Most visitors came from abroad, and almost 40% of these from outside of Europe, such as Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Japan and India. And it’s quite revealing that the third strongest visitor country after Germany and Italy is the US.”

Volker Kronseder, Drinktec chairman of the advisory board, added: “When you go through the halls, you discover a multitude of new and further developments, you see that people from different countries are at last communicating with one another in person again. The innovation density is also extremely high again this year.”

The FoodBev Media team had the pleasure of meeting with some of the industry’s finest to find out more about their current activities. We’d like to say thank you to everyone who invited us to their booths, including Krones, KHS, ADM, Sidel, Vetropack, Evoqua, GNT, Austria Juice, Sipa, Sacmi, SMI, Husky, ABB, Bericap, Flavortech, United Caps, GEA, Certuss, Kalsec, and many more.

From filling and packaging equipment to processing automation and raw materials, Drinktec was a hub of state-of-the-art technology and knowledge sharing. ‘Sustainability’ was the buzzword of the week, with companies across the globe flexing their green muscle during the event.

So what were some of the innovations showcased at this year’s event?

Packaging solutions

The packaging industry is constantly responding to changing consumer demands. At Drinktec, a wide range of manufacturers were showcasing their innovations.

At Sidel’s stand, visitors were guided through the company’s advanced systems and services, line engineering, and digital and eco-solutions, including aseptic production, sustainability, packaging optimisation and holistic turnkey solutions.

Krones, whose presence dominated an entire hall, demonstrated a vast range of technologies and operational solutions such as digital, glass line and recycling innovations; a strategic project called Advanced Aseptic, which helps develop a holistic approach to aseptic lines; and flexible filling technologies. In the middle of its set-up, a tribute to the upcoming Oktoberfest celebrations came in the form of a Barvarian-style restaurant and bar – offering attendees the chance to explore traditional food and beverages while finding out more about the company’s industry efforts.

Netstal presented its PET-Line 3000-4000 system, featuring lateral removal. The system offers full compatibility with existing side-entry moulds and after-cooling stations, as well as optimised processing of PET recyclates and a new operating unit.

KHS discussed its development of a lightweight PET bottle that features an additional barrier technology, made using micro-thin, glass-like silicon oxide coatings deposited by plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition to provide a gas barrier to PET bottles.

United Caps presented Mimica Touch, a temperature-sensitive tag that provides a real-time indication of freshness on beverages, helping reduce food waste.

Brewing technology

In another nod to Oktoberfest, brewing technologies were front and centre at Drinktec 2022, with companies showcasing their latest solutions in this important beverage category.

ABB presented its new Ability BeerMaker to optimise brewers’ processes, reduce their water and energy resources, and meet consumer demand for more sustainable crafted drinks.

Krones again demonstrated technologies aimed at helping brewers to make the transition to a carbon-neutral facility. The company told us about its latest Brewnomic modules – a solution for upcycling residual materials from the brewing process, which can be used for energy recovery.

Ingredients and raw materials

Ingredient and raw material companies were also an essential part of this year’s event, with companies large and small bringing new solutions to the fore.

ADM demonstrated its colour portfolio to help manufacturers make their beverages more eye-catching without sacrificing technical functionality or performance. Fermentis highlighted its range of fermentation solutions, such as yeast, bacteria, yeast derivatives, enzymes and All-In-1 solutions for brewers, winemakers and distillers.

Meanwhile, GNT Group showcased its range of vibrant, natural colours extracted using traditional processes and all of which are plant-based. When offered a glass of water, the FoodBev team was amazed to see the ice cubes provided by GNT turn the drink vibrant blue, green, red and yellow!

In addition, FoodBev Media conducted its 20th World Beverage Innovation Awards, a celebration of innovation and excellence across every category of the global beverage industry.

Our presenter Daniel Bunt announced the winners and finalists of each of the 21 categories, from best sparkling drink to best technology innovation. The awards had a great turnout and included participation from PepsiCo, AB InBev, Ardagh Group, among others. Congratulations to all winners.

By Rafaela Sousa


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