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ADM to scale probiotic production as health and well-being trends drive company strategy

February 11, 2023
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ADM is expanding its pro- and postbiotic production to keep pace with the forecasted huge growth expected. The company is opening a facility in Valencia, Spain, to scale pro- and postbiotic production and meet its expected tripled demand in the coming five years. The US$30 million investment will allow the company to increase its output fivefold, resulting in a 50 metric tons capacity per year.

According to ADM, the facility is the first in the world to produce probiotics and postbiotics at the same site.

“We expect to see expanded possibilities for pre-, pro- and postbiotics within the gut microbiome space to address consumers’ health and wellness needs,” Mark Lotsch, president of global health & wellness at ADM, tells NutritionInsight.

Lotsch details that postbiotics are seen as the next frontier in expanding the biotics universe. “Postbiotics are currently seeing faster adoption than both prebiotics and probiotics had upon their release into the market.”

“This is primarily attributed to the formulation flexibility postbiotics provide during harsh processing conditions. We expect postbiotics to infiltrate each health and wellness category quickly, from dietary supplements to personal care and functional foods and beverages,” he adds.

A growing market
The company expects a growing market driven by increased demand for science-based probiotic formulas used in dietary supplements, snacks, food, dairy products and beverages. It further details an expected growing market for animal nutrition as well.

Probiotics and healthy gut bacteria
It could “surge to US$10.4 billion by 2027, from about US$8.3 billion in 2022,” says ADM. The company further details that the growth is expected to occur in Asia, Europe and the US.

“Health and well-being are one of the three enduring trends powering ADM’s growth strategy. Consumers are increasingly aware of the role their gut microbiome can play in their everyday lives, and they’re seeking science-backed nutrition solutions,” says Lotsch.

“ADM is a leader in meeting this growing global demand, and we’re continuing to invest in the cutting edge of health and nutrition,” Lotsch details.

NutritionInsight met Marie-Bénédicte Charpentier, marketing and growth director for EMEA at ADM, at the CPHI trade show in Frankfurt, Germany, in October.

She told us about a company-released report that found 58% of consumers are making the connections between overall health and wellness and the function of bacteria in the microbiome.

Charpentier said that the company expects that number to increase over time.

ADM and the microbiome
Recently, the company forecasted the microbiome to take “center stage” during the next four years for the nutrition industry, going hand in hand with personalized nutrition.

A growing body of scientific evidence links the gut microbiome to key aspects of health and well-being. Nutrition is one of the most effective tools at our disposal in supporting healthy microbiome function,” Lotsch said previously.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, customers are “seeking out ways to be more proactive about supporting their mind and body through a balanced approach to diet and lifestyle,” Jackie Anderson, media relations for ADM, previously told NutritionInsight.

“Consumer awareness has been growing along with a deeper scientific understanding of the gut microbiome, with research showing that over half of consumers perceive a connection between the function of the bacteria in the gut to broader aspects of well-being,” notes Lotsch.

“As such, we’re seeing greater interest and demand from customers to help develop functional solutions that can support a healthy gut, which we anticipate will continue to grow in the coming years,” he concludes.

By Beatrice Wihlander


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