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Sidel unveils preventive AI software to enhance packaging line performance

February 12, 2022
Energy & Chemical Value Chain

Sidel is launching a digital platform branded Evo-ON that connects real-time data for company users “from shop floor to top management.”

The platform is a cloud-based solution, with individual apps tailored to the packaging industry, which the company says helps to oversee and optimize all aspects of production lines.

Gabriele Gatti, digital product manager and business development director at Sidel, says: “Thanks to our vast Original Equipment Manufacturer expertise and over 25-years of experience in machine data analysis, we can offer deeper line knowledge, leveraging the cloud computing power for extended data analytics through statistics, machine learning and AI, Evo-ON is enabling our customers to reach new heights.”

“Sidel Evo-ON enables a cheaper, faster and more sustainable production process,” says the company.

Individual apps
Evo-ON is marketed as a unique cloud suite with built-in intelligence that hosts dedicated applications tailored to the packaging industry to supervise and optimize any aspect of the line. It is available as a single complete package or a series of individual apps.

These are branded: Evo-ON Care, which leverages built-in predictive capabilities to anticipate the maintenance of specific parts at the most appropriate time; Evo-ON Performance, which assesses priority actions to take by monitoring and ranking the machine problems that cause efficiency losses on the line; and Evo-ON Eco, which identifies variations at an early stage to inform and drive lower emissions and cost reductions.

According to the company, these smart apps draw conclusions and offer recommendations through 24/7 equipment data aggregation and analysis, which is designed to contextualize real-time raw data to generate machine knowledge for users.

The platform also empowers decision-making to unlock full packaging line performance through real-time and pro-active alerts notifications, customizable dashboards and reports.

“Evo-ON is founded on key cybersecurity best practices with industry-recognized standards, ensuring that the data and equipment are protected,” says Sidel.

Prediction to prevention
Optimizing the way maintenance is conducted can lead to greater uptime and cost-effectiveness. “Therefore, finding the right balance between preventive and predictive maintenance is key,” says Sidel.

“Evo-ON Care makes it possible to move beyond preventive maintenance, leveraging built-in predictive capabilities to anticipate the maintenance of specific parts at the most appropriate time.”

To maximize the efficiency of predictive maintenance, the main components in the technology require more replacement time, represent higher downtime risks, or impact finished product quality.

“Through the interpretation and conceptualization of actionable data by our data experts, the value of maintenance can be enhanced by preventing breakdowns on one side and the other avoiding unnecessary maintenance. This can increase the part lifetime up to 30% and overall equipment effectiveness up to 3%,” adds Gatti.

“We aim to bring additional value to Sidel equipment and packaging lines by leveraging the digital journey we have already started with key players in the packaging industry.”

Sidel says it plans to evolve and enhance the Evo-ON suites by widening the features and scope of the apps, such as extended functionalities toward packaging quality improvement, changeover and optimization.

Edited by Louis Gore-Langton


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