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Sidel to acquire Makro Labelling

February 11, 2023
Energy & Chemical Value Chain

Sidel has acquired Makro Labelling, a modular labelling machine company founded in 2009.

Makro‘s machines can label “up to five items per bottle in cold glue, hot glue, self-adhesive, and combination versions”. The company serves the wine, spirits, food, home and personal care markets.

The company is based in Goito (Mantova, Italy) and employs over 120 people who will join Sidel following the acquisition.

Sidel says the acquisition will enable it to expand its offering in labelling technologies and broadens its reach in key market segments.

Monica Gimre, CEO and president at Sidel, said: “We will capitalise on the success already reached by Makro Labelling built on expertise, innovation and operational agility. The low and medium-speed modular labelling machines made by Makro will complement our leading higher-speed technologies that are manufactured in our factory in Mantova, Italy and integrated into Sidel’s packaging lines.”

Mantova is also home to an existing Sidel labelling plant where it has advanced its own technologies in the area, reaching speeds of 90,000 containers per hour.

Simone Marcantoni, managing director at Makro, commented: “After the acquisition, Makro will maintain its full autonomy as a unit of the Sidel Group and will continue to operate independently from its current headquarters. At the same time, we will be able to leverage and develop interesting synergies, exchange best practices, and offer an even richer experience for our employees and a broader portfolio to our customers.”

By Gwen Jones


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