Borderless Leadership

Four pathways to authentic leadership

November 16, 2017

I’m not at all pleased to report this, but even the good ol’ word leadership has become something of a buzzword — a term people bandy about without considering its deeper implications. It’s the same thing that’s happened with words like creativity, innovation and disruption…

Being a pragmatic leader means being political

November 8, 2017

With today’s focus on technical skills, quantitative, and analytic capacity, what differentiates one technologically smart entrepreneur from another? Or for that matter, one intrapreneur from another? That defining quality is their capacity to actually move their ideas, gain support for those ideas, push those ideas,..

Servant leadership: Who is ultimately responsible for your people’s success?

November 2, 2017

The emotional high of going to work and being among a group of productive associates, fellow employees with a common goal and supported by an understood incentive, moves people to act like no other force. The key elements are that the employees feel part of..

Can leaders be both likable and respected?

October 24, 2017

Every leader’s ideal relationship to his or her subordinates requires some measure of likability and respect. A likable leader will get along with subordinates on a personal level, and they’ll be able to enjoy each other’s company, making the workday more enjoyable and boosting morale…

Ongoing onboarding: How to stop the revolving door within the first year

October 24, 2017

Onboarding is what echoes in the halls to kick start great beginnings and light a spark for great achievements. In human resources, we must remember that onboarding should not merely be orientations filled with best practices, a tour of the company, a quick peek to..

The hard truth about good leadership

October 19, 2017

If you think back to your childhood and the unique dynamic of playground politics, you’ll probably remember everyone jockeying to be “the leader.” I know that in my experience, everyone always wanted to be in charge and tell the others what to do. This desire..

Why are so many onboarding experiences bad?

October 18, 2017

Most employees look forward to starting a new job. But what if the introduction turns into a bad experience? A recent online survey of 4,000 office workers in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand by cloud-based revealed that over a third of new..

How new managers can send the right leadership signals

October 16, 2017

One of the most exciting and — sometimes anxiety-producing transitions in a career — comes when you move from being an individual contributor to becoming a manager. At this juncture, what you think, what you say, and how you show up — in effect, your..

No more training, mentoring and networking. We are (women) leaders and we are here to conduct business.

October 13, 2017

Last month I was consulted by a large international client.  They were launching a thoughtful and contemporary worldwide multicultural and generational mentoring initiative and wanted to do some additional programming for their high performing, successful women.  The ultimate goal?  To increase the number of women..

The right way to conduct a 90-day performance review

October 11, 2017

Many companies have a 90-day “probationary period” for new hires. At the end of this, the manager is supposed to do a sit-down evaluation with the new employee. It’s such a standard thing that we often don’t think about it, but we should. It’s actually..