Working remotely has far-reaching implications for companies. Why?

December 7, 2021
Borderless Leadership - article

Since the pandemic began, working remotely has become commonplace for most of us. The proof is there that this way of working not only works but has far-reaching implications for companies. Why?

For example, now that your company is set up for remote work, you have the opportunity to engage with people all over the world. It means you can find and work with high potential, enthusiastic people wherever in the world they may be, and at times more flexibly and economically. It brings the diversity that so many companies look for to generate fresh ideas and alternative approaches.

Remote employees can help you adapt your products and services to serve global markets. I am not suggesting that you become a ‘virtual’ business, which without shared values and culture can swiftly become ‘virtually’ a business.

Rather, it requires that you adapt your business model, the ease and intensity of communication, to one that also reinforces the culture of your “workplace.” It means shared standards and expectations of each other and being sensitive to time zones. It means “doing the work” to understand people and cultures that may not be the same as yours.

This concept is not new to Borderless. In fact, it’s exactly what we do, and have done since the firm was founded in 2000. Our business has been in “the cloud” before there was a “cloud.” This has been our enabler for seamless global search. And it needed a team that understands from personal experience what it takes to live and work around the world and is stimulated by making use of it.

For us, the plus-side of the last two years is that we no longer have to invest quite as much time and energy convincing people that our approach is not just theory, it works in practice. And thankfully clients and candidates are now experiencing for themselves how worldwide executive search really can work to their benefit. As ‘social creatures’ of course, we miss our regular ‘in-person’ get-togethers at our Global Hub in Brussels. Nonetheless, we are delighted that the Borderless approach that we pioneered has been so obviously validated.

What’s been your experience in living a truly seamless ‘transnational’ approach to your business? What have been the benefits and downsides for your business?

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