Healthcare Transformation Demands Innovative Leadership

August 29, 2018

An industry experiencing a large-scale transformation calls for forward-looking, innovative leadership. Finding that ideal, engaging and proactive healthcare executive who will lead your firm through the challenges of change is no simple task. Luckily, Borderless can help you on that quest as a specialized healthcare executive search firm.

Our exclusive, international network of top talent makes us preeminent among healthcare search firms.

According to a recent survey of 613 global health systems executives and consultants conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services and sponsored by Siemens Healthineers, 91% said that disruption offered by new technologies and new business models meant great opportunities for the business of healthcare. At the same time, only 43% believe that their own organizations are able to transform as quickly as their competitors and only 22% said their organizations are now innovative. “Creating a culture of innovation and risk-taking will be essential to improving healthcare quality,” according to Siemens Healthineers.

Top healthcare executive search firms

Seizing this opportunity for your healthcare business requires uniquely capable talent. However, trying to fill a top healthcare executive vacancy on your own will take a considerable amount of time and resources, and will distract your team from their business responsibilities. This is where a specialized healthcare executive recruiting firm can help, reaching out to a network of potential candidates that are not always readily identifiable in the market.

As a top healthcare executive search firm, we have built up a global network of contacts in Life Sciences at Borderless, giving us access to a far deeper pool of exceptional talent. We have an in-depth knowledge of your sector, including executive search in the pharmaceutical industry, which is essential to finding the right candidates.

This priceless network for top healthcare executive search, combined with dedicated expertise in recruitment strategy and tactics, will give you the best chance of finding the right fit. In fact, top healthcare executive search firms conduct extensive research on all candidates, bringing in much greater diversity in terms of candidates.

Selecting a healthcare executive search firm

There are a number of criteria you should consider in selecting the right healthcare search firm for your needs, including:

  • Dedicated knowledge of the sector
  • Industry references
  • Personal chemistry
  • Reach (local, national, global)

Working with a healthcare executive search firm that understands the sector and the specific position you are seeking to fill is vital. Check client references, review recent and relevant assignments, and consider the personal chemistry with the search consultant. Lastly, for a global industry like yours, make sure the reach of the healthcare executive search firms is global enough to attract the right type of candidate.

Take a look at our sector expertiseteam of consultantsseamless global reach, and get in touch to discuss your specific needs, today!

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