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Linda Stone Partner
Executive Search

I bring to Borderless a rich mix of legal, employment and nonprofit experience, a passion for people and commitment to service. With close to 20 years of experience in employment-based immigration law across 90 countries, I am well-versed in guiding employers of all sizes, prospective employees and their families through the challenges of international roles.

I have developed expertise in healthcare and biotech and a range of industrial sectors, and gained direct experience in operational excellence, quality and EH&S initiatives, regulatory advocacy, and compliance audits. A Masters in healthcare administration has enabled me to develop literacy in finance, organizational management and health economics.

A systems thinker, at ease in board and leadership environments, I am able to distill and communicate the essence of complex issues; I understand from personal experience what it takes to create teams and the environments that are inclusive and tap into the talents of all.

My cultural curiosity and passion for international work was nurtured by my Mexican mother and Russian/American father. I am a native English speaker with fluency in Spanish and meaningful exposure to French.

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