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Karen Lecoutre Consultant
Executive Search

I am fascinated why people embark on fresh adventures and how and why organizations aspire to contribute to the world. I guide executives and companies in turning their dreams to reality and transforming lives.

I pursued a career in the chemical industry for 13 years and also consulted in HR across a variety of sectors and at all levels within organizations. I have worked in service centers and manufacturing environments and bring a variety of multicultural experiences to Borderless as an HR generalist, recruiter and coach.

People see me as a service-oriented, open-minded person, who understands the needs of people through listening. Living in four countries and eight cities has provided me with lots of real-life experience of what it takes to relocate and adapt to different cultures.

Originally from Belgium, I speak Dutch, French, English, and Spanish. I am currently based in Madrid and consider myself to be a global citizen.

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