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Herve Colleaux Consultant
Executive Search

In both my professional life and in my personal enthusiasm for sports, I am a firm advocate for the pivotal roles of leadership and teamwork as foundations of peak performance.

With a hands-on approach to each search assignment, my aim is to match clients with leaders who not only possess the ideal mix of skills, experience, and drive, but will also adapt and thrive within our client’s unique culture on which mutual success depends.

Before joining Borderless, I cultivated thirty years of leadership experience across dynamic international markets, both B2B and B2C. My personal journey as a corporate executive in the Consumer Packaged Goods sector has been catalyzed by an ability to drive business growth and execute change across disciplines including Sales & Marketing, HR, Supply Chain, and Procurement.

My roots are in France, which laid the foundation for my subsequent international journey across the UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

For those in pursuit of practical guidance and the desire for enduring trust-based relationships, I welcome a meaningful conversation.

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