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Brian Hughes Partner
Executive Search

I have devoted my career to finding and attracting talented executives for senior roles. I bring to the table a diverse portfolio of experiences spanning various sectors including logistics, finance, and engineering. Recently, my professional focus has been on industries within the food sector, life sciences, and the chemical value chain.

My journey in this field began after graduating with a degree in languages. I took an international path, spending three transformative years in Japan that gave me invaluable insights into Asian culture. Returning to Dublin, my hometown, I broadened my skills by working for a global logistics company leading critical HR initiatives and hiring strategies, shaping the growth and success of the organisation.

In pursuit of a wider perspective, I relocated to Belgium where I continue to expand my understanding of the global executive search landscape. I remain intrigued by the ever-evolving challenges and opportunities in my chosen sectors, specifically the areas of manufacturing automation, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Born and raised in Ireland, I speak English, French, and Irish fluently. These language skills enable me to build robust relationships across varied cultural and linguistic contexts, further enhancing my effectiveness as an international executive search consultant.

My journey across continents and industries has provided me with a unique understanding of what it takes to lead organisations in diverse sectors. I am passionate about finding the best fit for both my clients and candidates, holding firm in the belief that the right person in the right role can propel an organisation to extraordinary success.

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