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Agnieszka Ogonowska Partner
Executive Search

I believe that truly understanding one’s motivation is crucial to achieving professional satisfaction. My clients range from global corporations, through mid-size firms to start-ups, yet they have one thing in common. Instead of just “filling the vacancy,” they want to hire qualified people who will enjoy the role and stay with the organization for a longer time. I appreciate being able to partner with both clients and candidates to help them reach these goals.

For the past 15 years, I have spoken with thousands of people about their professional choices and dreams. I have provided people across five industries, four continents and all levels of seniority – from the workshop floor to the C-suite – with an opportunity that aligns with their professional and personal needs.
Every conversation is an insight into what people are looking for in their careers to keep them satisfied and fulfilled. It fascinates me to discover how diverse people’s motivations are. A career dreaded by one will be a dream opportunity for another.

Supporting people’s development and helping them decide if the job considered is “the right one” by honing in on their motivational principles is what keeps me excited about my work. Taking the time to dig deeper to understand a candidate’s motivation is the basis of my professional approach and a big part of my skill set.

Born and raised in Poland, I have lived and worked in the UK, Italy, Spain and I am currently based in Germany. I hold a degree in Social Sciences and speak English, Polish, German and Spanish. I find cultural diversity very enriching and strive to uphold it through my work.

Agnieszka Ogonowska

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