Andrew Kris

Founding Partner

I pioneered the Borderless approach to executive search in 1997; a global business focus and an uncommonly service-oriented approach that appeals to clients and candidates. Since then, I have found leaders for corporations in chemicals and life sciences, served as an advisor to clients in industry and continue to maintain an extensive personal network globally.

In an earlier life I served on the Management Boards of a global industrial company, leading units in life sciences, chemicals, plastics and construction products.

As a commentator and author on shared services and business process outsourcing, I co-authored Shared Services – Shared Insights, Shared Services: mining for corporate gold and Shared Services and BPO: an executive briefing and several other volumes published in English, French, German, Mandarin and Russian. I work as a Board advisor on business transformation.

Born in Hungary and educated in the UK, I speak English, French and Hungarian.

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