the International Business Delivery Consultant
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Your profile matches:

  • More than three years of international work experience, in or related to a sector in which Borderless operates
  • Fluent in English
  • University degree
  • Quick to learn, and at ease working with people from various cultures and every level
  • Motivated and ambitious to grow both financially and from a career persective
  • Desire to work cooperatively with others
  • Insatiably curious about people, business and the world in general
  • Energetic, productive, diligent and pragmatic
  • Driven by the need to achieve results
  • An international mindset
  • High EQ
  • Accessible and responsive, ethical, fair and discrete

You are a rockstar when it comes to:

  • Managing the project and ensuring deadlines are met
  • Understanding client needs and developing a candidate briefing
  • Defining the search strategy
  • Contacting and screening potential candidates
  • Interviewing and assessing long lists of candidates
  • Presenting short lists of candidates to clients
  • Supporting the recruitment of favoured candidates

What you'll get in exchange

  • Grow professionally, culturally and emotionally
  • Enjoy every success
  • Manage your own agenda
  • Volunteer to lead a workshop, sharing your special expertise
  • Contribute to a diverse, multicultural and inclusive team
  • Access a professional coach for free private sessions
  • Be sponsored for courses or events… and share what you’ve learnt
  • Opportunities to progress
  • No limits to your success – based on ability, effort and results

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