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Leadership Consulting

Using our business insights and human skills, we work with you to tackle tough issues, in a straightforward and engaging way.

We develop the conditions for business excellence together with the realities of managing people of different cultures, disciplines and interests.

We focus simultaneously on three elements: the business, the team and the individual.

We are at our best creating:

  • Thought-provoking approaches to innovation
  • Cohesive management teams
  • Improvements in organizational vitality
  • Approaches to Diversity and Inclusion that work for you
  • Strategies that make sense for everyone

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Borderless ResearchSM has just released the results of its Benchmark Study on Organizational Vitality, capturing insights from 400 global executives across a range of industries.

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Meet our team

Andrew Kris

I pioneered the Borderless approach to executive search in 1997; a global business focus and an uncommonly service-oriented approach that appeals to clients and candidates. Since then, I have found leaders for corporations in chemicals and life sciences, served as an advisor to clients in industry and continue to maintain an extensive personal network globally.

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+32 475 965 413

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