Our Team

Renu Hanegreefs-Snehi Leadership Advisor

A leading Fortune 500 CEO once described me as: “An inspiring leader who excels in building corporate and personal brands on their good days – and protecting them on their bad days.”

When managing reputations, I build on personal stories that change perceptions and behaviors. Over the past two decades, I have counseled CEOs through transition, from a reputation and positioning perspective, and led creative teams across 120 countries. My views and commitment to gender equality and diversity have headlined in publications like Huffington Post, Glamour South Africa, Luxury Editors, and many more.

I am a curious child of the world. Having worked in Europe for 24 years, married to a European, and born in Asia, I have learned to develop strategies and narratives that are relevant across different cultures, beliefs, and diversity. I am proud of being able to influence global leaders to think/see beyond the obvious, through persuasive arguments and compassion.