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Rousselot’s soft gel capsule stabilizing technology awarded USPTO patent

December 10, 2023
Life sciences

Health brand Rousselot has been granted US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patent no. US11795489B2, securing its intellectual property rights for StabiCaps, a specialized gelatin that improves the formulation and stability of soft gel capsules.

“Customers can view the patent as an added value, allowing them to use the patented technology in their processes. When purchasing StabiCaps from Rousselot, a license to use StabiCaps is automatically granted, simplifying the commercialization process for our clients,” Pierre-Albert Thomas, functional ingredients director of Rousselot, tells Nutrition Insight.

StabiCaps addresses crosslinking, a common challenge in the dissolution of soft gels that results in slower or incomplete release of nutrients or pharmaceutical ingredients contained in a capsule.

“In a competitive market, obtaining a patent requires it to be unique. Our technology stands out by offering tangible advantages, specifically preventing crosslinking in soft gels, especially with problematic fills,” says Thomas.

Crosslinking occurs when soft gels are exposed to specific active compounds or poor storage conditions, causing molecular bonds to form within the capsule shell which limits or prevents the capsule’s dissolution.

EU patent in the pocket
StabiCaps gelatin formulation enhances the release of active ingredients, including medications. In May 2022, the Darling Ingredients brand also received a patent from the European Patent Office for StabiCaps for all major European countries.

“The (US) patent encompasses the distinctive process of creating this special gelatin, the gelatin itself, and the resulting softgel product, highlighting the necessity for a truly innovative and advantageous approach,” notes Thomas.

“StabiCaps gelatin demonstrates improved stability, particularly when used in soft gels with reactive fills. The patented technology describes the production of StabiCaps, that includes the production and selection of specific types of gelatin with different viscosities and bloom values, to create a blend that is unique in its bloom, viscosity and crosslinking characteristics,” he says.

Sought after dosage format
Soft gels are one of the most preferred dosage formats because it is easier to swallow and masks odors and off-tastes better. According to the company, the global soft gels market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.3% from 2023 to 2033.

StabiCaps is part of Rousselot’s broader portfolio of gelatin solutions for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets, which also include SiMoGel, an innovative technology that allows for starch-free gummy production.

“StabiCaps is an essential innovation for soft gel manufacturers because gelatin is a primary ingredient,” says Thomas.

“With this new patent, soft gel manufacturers in the US can unlock the benefits of StabiCaps gelatin technology to produce high-quality soft gels with longer shelf stability and improved efficacy for customers.”

Earlier this year, Rousselot showcased its collagen solutions and gelatins that streamline the production of trending supplement delivery formats at the Vitafoods trade show.

By Inga de Jong


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