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ABB and Werum Team Up on Technology for Life Sciences Industry

September 29, 2015
Life sciences

The two will collaborate on integrating their respective DCS and MES offerings, bringing together control and production workflow for pharmaceutical companies.

ABB, known for its power and distributed control system (DCS) technologies for utility, transport and process industries, is further developing its expertise in the life sciences market with the announcement of a partnership with Werum IT Solutions, a maker of manufacturing execution systems (MES). The memorandum of understanding, announced this month, will unite the two in the development of a joint solution for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies.

The move comes at a time when government initiatives like the Food and Drug Administration’s Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), and compliance with traceability regulations like 21 CFR part 11, are forcing life science companies to upgrade technology and best practices. Pharmaceutical companies are also contemplating a move from batch manufacturing to continuous process in the plant to rapidly process drugs from powder to tablet while using the same equipment for product development, clinical supply and commercial production—tasks typically done in batches at different stages.

Werum’s PAS-X MES software is designed specifically for life sciences, covering key areas in manufacturing such as process development, commercial production and packaging, and track and trace. The software supports all major processes for vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, solids, liquids and other manufacturing operations. By bringing the Werum and ABB offerings together, customers will have access to a full scope of engineering and validation capabilities, the companies said.

According to ABB officials, the combined offering strengthens ABB’s portfolio in these rapidly growing industries. And, customers will have a seamless DCS/MES solution for their automation needs.

“Our customers will benefit from integrated solutions paving the way towards the factory of the future,” added Rüdiger Schlierenkämper, CEO of Werum IT Solutions. “We look forward to working together with ABB on joint projects and developing new ideas together.”


Source: Automation World

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