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Roha acquires Color Division from Delta Aromatics

July 12, 2017
Food & Drink

Roha has announced the acquisition of the color division from Delta Aromatics of Egypt. The addition of Delta Colours Division to Roha is set to help serve Roha’s customers better and to expand its product portfolio.

Established in 1985, Delta has spread its operations in 20 countries while encapsulating the “local yet global” spirit. With the addition of Delta Aromatics, Roha promises better delivery and products to its clients in North Africa and the Middle East. Both companies have the vision of staying true to local values in the communities where they operate while providing products of international quality and appeal.

“To meet our vision, we exercise intensive push on research and development of new products. Our scientists are constantly developing new molecules and products to help us provide our customers with solutions that meet newer demands,” says Roha.

Ensuing from the trend of moving towards natural colors from synthetic, Roha has established facilities and laboratories across the globe to research and develop natural colors extracted from natural sources.

Consumers need stable ingredients for their products and some natural colors lack strength when exposed to heat and light. Roha are propelling innovation in the field of ingredients meets this challenge; the company’s philosophy being: “If customers want a certain product, they should get it at as high a level of perfection as can be managed.”

“At Roha, we shall continue to innovate and stay at the forefront of cutting edge products in the colors and food additives space across the globe. We are also sure that we will continue to enhance our presence in the hearts of our African and mid-eastern customers through better service and deliveries with the acquisition and thus become an even stronger player in the world markets.”

Roha has offices in 22 countries, 13 technical application labs in many time zones globally. Manufacturing facilities are spread out across 5 continents allow Roha to market their products in more than 130 countries without customers facing any delays.

Source: Food Ingredients First

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