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Packamama equips Miguel Torres Chile with rPET wine bottles in Sweden as climate concerns grow

July 10, 2022
Food & Drink

Miguel Torres Chile is adopting Packamama’s eco-flat wine bottles made from recycled PET (rPET) for its Río Claro Organic Carmenère line. The company says its goal is to further the brand’s environmental sustainability credentials and appeal to a younger generation of climate-conscious consumers. This aim will be unlocked by switching the packaging to Packamama’s innovative, lower carbon bottles.

Launched in Sweden’s government-owned chain of liquor stores, Systembolaget, the introduction of eco-flat wine bottles for Río Claro Organic Carmenère is part of a collaboration with the Wine & Spirits Collective – Miguel Torres Chiles’ Swedish importers.

Systembolaget perceives PET bottles as a lighter, lower carbon footprint packaging format than conventional glass bottles. Moreover, Packamama’s bottles are made from 100% rPET, putting pre-existing material back to good use while reducing carbon emissions even more than virgin PET.

Swedes and the environment
Amelia Dales, commercial director at Packamama, explains that the Nordics is an “ideal region” for the company’s eco-flat wine bottle as consumers and retailers are advanced when it comes to environmental sustainability prioritization and recycling capabilities.

“This has been supported by the very positive response to our climate-friendly format we’ve seen from Swedish wine drinkers on social media. Torres are well known and respected for raising awareness and taking action on climate crisis matters. As such, it’s truly an honor to be collaborating with the innovative team in Chile and The Wine & Spirits Collective on this packaging swap.”

According to data provided by the European Investment Bank, 75% of Swedish people think that climate change and its consequences are the biggest challenges for humanity in the 21st century. Furthermore, 76% of Swedes are in favor of stricter government measures that impose changes on people’s behavior.

Furthermore, the Sustainable Brand Index demonstrates that the two top categories of Swedish consumers’ attitudes toward companies are “recycling and reuse,” with 42% of consumers stating companies should make this issue a priority and with 38% of Swedes saying companies should prioritize “the climate issue.”

Considering the European environmental sustainability concerns more broadly, Innova Market Insights found that Spanish (47%), German (45.5%), UK (40%) and French (38.9%) consumers prioritize environmentally sustainable packaging when making purchasing decisions.

Choosing Packamama
Linda Skalberg, senior brand manager at The Wine & Spirits Collective, adds: “Packamama’s eco-flat bottle is made from 100% recycled and recyclable PET plastic, which was a very important factor for us when choosing a new bottle.”

“Miguel Torres Chile has always been innovative in trying new ways to lower their wines’ carbon footprint, so this change for Río Claro felt like an obvious choice.”

Río Claro is the third wine brand to launch in Systembolaget in eco-flat bottles, following their introduction in May 2020. The 2021 Carmenère is an organic and vegan wine with a full bodied and fruity taste.

Meanwhile, Packamama has introduced its eco-flat wine bottles to the Australian market with Accolade Wines and Taylors Wines. Accolade Wines’ Banrock Station and Taylors’ One Small Step wines are now available for purchase in selected Liquorland and First Choice Liquor Market stores nationally.

By Natalie Schwertheim


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