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Golden Wing Mau and Joyvio to merge

December 18, 2015
Food & Drink

At a press conference in Beijing on December the 16th, the management of Golden Wing Mau and Joyvio has announced that the two companies will merge.

Golden Wing Mau focuses on production, storage, packing, import/export and retail. The company is one of China’s leading players in the fresh produce industry. GWM has a prominent network outside China since Capespan bought a 25% share in the company in 2010. Joyvio is the fresh product brand of the investment firm Legend Holdings and a prominent kiwi and blueberry producer in China. In addition, the company has invested in agriculture assets abroad, including farms in Chile.

The new company will have an estimated joined turnover of 5 billion Yuan (€0,7 billion). The company will be lead by Liu Mau Wah, the President of Golden Wing Mau, and Chen Shaopeng, senior vice-president of Legend Holdings. The new CEO will be Zhang Jian, current general manager at GWM.

Source: Fresh Plaza

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