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Barry Callebaut unveils US$104M investment plan for Canada-based specialty chocolate plant

April 30, 2022
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Barry Callebaut has unveiled plans to expand its North American presence by building a specialty chocolate factory in Ontario, Canada. With the factory expected to be fully operational by 2024, the total investment volume, over ten years, is projected to amount to US$104 million (CHF 100 million).

The new factory will manufacture sugar-free chocolate, high protein and other specialty products, reflecting the current market trends. The factory is planned to have an initial annual production capacity of over 50,000 metric tons of liquid and molded chocolate production.

“Consumers are searching for healthier and tasty solutions for the foods they love,” says Steve Woolley, president of the Region Americas of Barry Callebaut.

“Free from foods, like sugar-free or dairy-free, are healthier options that satisfy the indulgence they are craving. By adding a sugar-free facility, Barry Callebaut is positioning itself to be a leader in ‘better for you’ offerings for our customers, which include a wide range of low- and sugar-free solutions.”

A boost for the Americas
The move marks Barry Callebaut’s most significant capital investment ever in the region. It will be in addition to the 15 chocolate and cocoa processing factories Barry Callebaut currently has across the Americas Region.

Two of these 15 factories are located in Canada: one in Chatham, Ontario, and one in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, its largest facility in Region Americas. The investment in Ontario fits the group’s strategy to continuously nurture its global footprint, locating production close to its customers.

“Barry Callebaut’s latest commitment to Canada is an investment in the talent of Canadian workers, our access to global markets, and our welcoming business environment. Global investors will look at all corners of Canada for opportunities,” adds Katie Curran, Interim CEO, Invest in Canada.

Last September, Barry Callebaut and The Hershey Company extended their strategic supply partnership. Under the agreement, Barry Callebaut continues to supply Hershey’s North American business with liquid chocolate and finished products.

Meanwhile, The Hershey Company is conducting a multipronged strategy to lead the better-for-you chocolate category – a market worth an estimated US$1.3 billion or 6% of category retail sales.

As part of Barry Callebaut’s Forever Chocolate plan to make sustainable chocolate the norm, the supplier aims to be carbon and forest-positive by 2025.

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