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Women in the workplace

September 23, 2016
Diversity & Inclusion

The report compiled by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company is the result of a study involving 118 companies and nearly 30,000 employees. It looks at the corporate ‘pipeline’ and employee attitudes to identify the obstacles that prevent women from reaching the top.

More importantly, the report sets out a roadmap for companies who truly want to create a business which embraces equality. This includes establishing and tracking metrics, identifying and interrupting gender bias, and creating a level playing field for all employees regardless of gender. It’s a thought-provoking must read!

This is the last in our list of essential reads ahead of the Women in Leadership Forum at the CPhI Congress in Barcelona on 5 October. Borderless Consultants Rosalie Harrison, June Nilsson and Niels-Peter van Doorn will present sessions during the Forum covering diversity and gender equality. You can share your thoughts with them via Twitter @borderlessexec #WomeninLeadership

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We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona!

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