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Why skills-based hiring may be the future of DEI

June 11, 2023
Diversity & Inclusion

Employers and employees alike can benefit from skills-based hiring networks, which bring more workers into the fold and improve diversity, according to upward mobility organization OneTen, which connects Black talent without four-year degrees to career opportunities.

The organization just released a report on barriers to generational wealth. The study, which features case studies with Black workers, aims to illustrate the ways employers can benefit from investing in skills-first hiring.

One of the case studies centers a Delta employee who worked as a gate agent, plane ticket associate and customer service representative for more than a decade, but plateaued in her career due to lacking a degree.

Ultimately, Delta transitioned to a skills-based talent acquisition model; within the past two years, the airline transformed its workplace so that more than 90% of openings do not require a degree. The move reflected the company’s intention to “become an anti-racist, anti-discrimination organization,” according to its announcement. READ MORE

by Caroline Colvin


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