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Yara buys Evodor, adds to its full odour control concept

September 2, 2015
Chemical Value Chain

Yara acquired Evodor AB a Swedish Technology company specializing in the vapor phase control of the foul-smelling gas hydrogen sulphide H2S on 1 September.

Since the early 1990s, Yara has been pioneering the liquid phase prevention of hydrogen sulfide H2S, a foul smelling toxic gas which often forms in sewers and water treatment systems. H2S’s foul smell is a disturbance to local communities, while its toxicity and corrosiveness make it problematic to the municipalities and businesses operating waste water systems.

The Evodor acquisition is complementary to Yara’s established Nutriox business, developing a broader H2S control portfolio to provide both liquid and vapor phase solutions to sewer network, waste water treatment plant operators as well as industry.

Yara’s biological solution – called Nutriox® – prevents the formation of H2S in the majority of cases. In certain scenarios though, Nutriox treatment might not be possible or additional treatments might be required due to waste water effluent quality, temperature or site configuration. The Evodor acquisition will help Yara better serve customers in these situations.

Evodor provides vapor phase filtration systems which effectively treat harmful emissions such as H2S. This is achieved through a sustainable concept consisting of its own design, construction, manufacturing, training, service and maintenance of delivered solutions. Evodor was founded in 2009 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden and currently has over 100 installed units in operation. Evodor has deep expertise in a range of technologies including scrubbers, carbon filtering, UV filtering and compost filtering.

For Petter Østbø, Yara Vice-president for Gas & Industrial Applications, Yara’s acquisition of Evodor expands Yara’s position in the waste water treatment sector: “Together, we are even better positioned to help customers around the world achieve their environmental targets in a reliable and cost-effective manner.”

“Our proven vapor phase systems are a good match for Yara Nutriox’s leading liquid phase offering. We at Evodor see joining Yara as the next step in or development. We are excited about joining the leader in H2S abatement.” says Evodor Founding CEO Stefan Allerborg.

The Evodor team will continue to work from Stockholm and cooperate closely with their colleagues from the Nutriox sales team across the Nordic region.

Source: Yara

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