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Sidel extends blowing machinery range with “ultra-fast” EvoBlow XL for large PET containers

September 15, 2023
Energy & Chemical Value Chain

Sidel is introducing the EvoBlow XL machine, reportedly “the largest blower” for PET bottles of sizes up to 10 L. The machine is suitable for water, edible oil and food markets.

“As the demand for rPET continues to rise, EvoBlow XL has been developed to manage the challenges associated with rPET grades and possesses proven process capabilities from virgin PET to up to 100% rPET,” the company details.

“Additionally, EvoBlow XL offers lightweighting opportunities for customers, which can significantly save PET costs and minimize CO2 emissions. This includes the possibility to switch from HDPE to PET large bottles to further reduce the carbon footprint.”

The EvoBlow XL leverages 75% of its components from Sidel’s existing EvoBLOW range, with future developments in the pipeline to extend the technology to address hot-fill products.

Furthermore, Sidel says environmental sustainability benefits are also achieved through the new design of blowing circuits and valves, which help reduce energy consumption. According to the company, EvoBlow XL also helps to be cost-effective, maintaining “impressive” levels of efficiency with the highest market outputs.

“With ever-changing consumer demands, the packaging industry requires solutions that can handle larger formats while being user-friendly and ergonomic. Sidel offers more flexibility for the packaging industry by launching its new blowing machine to produce larger bottles with the highest production efficiency,” shares Sidel.

Efficiency, flexibility and optimization
EvoBlow XL is also compatible with the company’s Evo-On software suite, which supports optimization of production lines. Whether used as a standalone machine or integrated as part of a complete production line, it can handle a wide range of bottle formats, ranging from 8-10 liters.

Sidel details that the machine boasts flexible oven configurations and a choice of bottleneck dimensions, making it adaptable to various large bottle types. The EvoBlow XL delivers production efficiency, with “market-leading” blowing outputs of up to 18,000 bottles per hour and a proven Overall Equipment Effectiveness of 98%.

Changeovers are made efficient and user-friendly through ergonomic design, including an embedded mold handling tool and a mobile mold storage unit. Integration with other Sidel solutions, such as the Bottle Switch system, further streamlines production.

“Sidel’s EvoBlow XL ensures the ideal blowing process to secure an attractive bottle design with high-performance and user-friendly solutions,” states the company.

“The machine uses an optimized process and blowing curve with its new powerful blowing circuit and valves to deliver perfect material distribution at the fastest speed with 1,500 bph per mold while securing low blowing pressure and the highest bottle quality.”

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