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Grace focuses pharma, nutraceutical business; sells product lines

May 26, 2016
Chemical Value Chain

W. R. Grace & Co. today affirmed its commitment to three growing service lines for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, and announced agreements to sell product lines associated with its chromatography instruments, columns, and related laboratory products businesses that are not aligned with the company’s plans for growth.

Grace will continue to supply VYDAC® and DAVISIL® media for process chromatography, Syloid ® FP excipients for drug formulations, and custom manufacturing of regulatory starting materials and intermediates.

“Grace has determined that the best way to ensure that former and future customers are provided with high-value products and first-class service is to move these laboratory product lines to companies for which they are a better match,” said Robert Gatte, Vice President, Chief Technologist, and General Manager of Grace’s Discovery Sciences business unit. “For Grace, this means concentrating on our core materials science and manufacturing capabilities. For lab products customers, it means working with companies that serve B-to-C markets for equipment that will continue to utilize Grace media.”

Grace has agreed to sell its flash chromatography and ELSD instrument business to BUCHI Corporation, a division of BUCHI Labortechnik AG, a Swiss manufacturer and global supplier of laboratory equipment to the pharma, chemicals, and food/beverage industries. The sale includes REVELERIS® Purification Systems, GraceRESOLV™ and REVELERIS® Flash Cartridges, and Alltech® ELSD 3300 instrumentation. Grace is now the exclusive supplier of media for use in these flash cartridge brands by BUCHI.

Dr. Maisch GmbH, a German company specializing in high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), has agreed to purchase Grace’s line of analytical HPLC columns, preparative columns, and packing equipment and services. This includes EXSIL™, MODSIL™ and EXMERE™ Media, the ALLTECH® HPLC column brands ADSORBOSPHERE™, ALLSPHERE™, BRAVA™, ECONOSPHERE™, GRACESMARTTM, PLATINUM™, and VISIONHT brands. Grace will continue to supply media and provide media bonding services for these column brands. Also included in the purchase are the MODcol® brands including SPRING® Preparative Column Hardware, MULTIPACKER® packing equipment and packing services.

Additional Grace HPLC column brands, including VYDAC®, will be sold exclusively by Hichrom Ltd. of the UK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of HPLC and ultra high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) columns and accessories. In addition to selling VYDAC® analytical columns, Hichrom will acquire Grace’s ALLTIMA®, ALLSEPTM, APEX™, APOLLO™, GENESIS®, and PREVAIL™ HPLC column brands. Grace will continue to supply media to Hichrom for these column brands.

Grace also has agreed to sell its GRACE® and ALLTECH® solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridge brands MAXI-CLEAN™, EXTRACT-CLEAN™, and GRACEPURE™ brands to S*Pure Pte Ltd, a laboratory and scientific equipment supplier based in Singapore. The related Grace manufacturing facility in Surat, India is included in the transaction. Grace will continue to supply SPE media to S*Pure.

Grace will no longer accept orders for any of the product lines it has sold. All future inquiries for these brands should be directed to the purchasing companies. Information about other divested products and contact information for new suppliers is available at

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