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Elon Musk teases ‘working neuralink device’ reveal on August 28th

August 27, 2020
Borderless Future

Elon Musk has revealed more details about a promised development update for Neuralink, the brain-computer interface designed to help folks with severe brain injuries. Musk said the company will show a “working Neuralink device” during a live webcast on Friday, August 28th at 3PM PT/6PM ET.

Last summer, Neuralink showed off its progress at a detailed launch event. A “sewing machine” robot would plant thread-like electrodes deep in to a human brain, which would connect to a pod worn behind the ear. That could then transmit brain signals over Bluetooth, allowing subjects to control a computer or have their brain activity monitored.

Neuralink said it first aims to help amputees, or restore the ability to see, talk and listen. While the company hasn’t announced any human testing, it has been tried on primates, with Musk saying “a monkey has been able to control a computer with its brain.”

Musk said that the technology shown on Friday would be “awesome” compared to what we’ve seen so far. “Don’t want to get too excited, but the potential is truly transformational for restoring brain & motor functions,” he tweeted earlier this year. We don’t have a link yet for the livestream, but the last event was streamed on Neuralink’s YouTube channel.

By: Steve Dent

Source: Entrepreneur

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