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The myth of ‘women in leadership’, to be revealed at Fi Europe

November 24, 2017
Borderless Leadership

From 28-30 November, the largest gathering of food & beverage professionals, Food Ingredients (Fi) Europe, will take place in Frankfurt, Germany. Invited experts Els de Cremer, Borderless Founding Partner & Managing Director, and Rosalie Harrison, Partner, will be on hand to share perspectives on women in leadership.

In a session titled “Expect More: Shattering the Myths and Harnessing the Trends” during the Women’s Networking Breakfast on 29 November, Rosalie Harrison will challenge the narrow definition of what it means to be a ‘female leader’, and will highlight trends, such as smart working environments and organizational vitality, which can help ensure the success of women at every point in their career.

“We need to start having a different discussion about what it takes to be successful, because what has been advocated up to now clearly isn’t working,” says Rosalie.

Rosalie and Els will also moderate a panel discussion called “Professional success: what does it mean and how can it be achieved?” Panelists include Beth Warren of Edlong Dairy Technologies, Caroline Flasbergen of FITSHE, Lucy Dahlgren of BAYN, Karen Lapsley of the Almond Board of California, and Klarie Gounaridi of Dow Food Solutions – all leaders within their organizations. The group will explore how the definition of success can evolve over the course of a career.

As Els explains, “It’s always good for women to get together and exchange experiences. It’s an opportunity to step outside of your own world and see what is happening in other companies.”

For more information or to join Borderless at these sessions, view Fi Europe’s Women’s Networking Breakfast program.

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