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Office of the future and how to foster an innovative culture, with Brett Hautop Founder of Workshape

December 3, 2022
Borderless Leadership

Innovation happens when we are our most productive selves. Recently, we had the pleasure of talking to Brett Hautop, Founder at Workshape. Brett spent a considerable amount of time developing a unique approach to the whole world of virtual work environments leveraged from his experience working at LinkedIn for several years. He truly understands what the work environment means today for businesses, and how it aids the way companies operate. Companies in the current environment have to consider answering the questions: What do we do with our offices? Why do they matter, why is the workplace experience important and why should we even think about it?

In our conversation, Brett mentioned that more and more companies are asking for insight and guidance about where to go from here, knowing that physical proximity in one workspace matters to them. The challenge is most of the time, they have no idea why it even matters to them, nor do they know how to get people together in one place at the same time. Read on or listen to the podcast for our full conversation about the ‘Office of the Future.’ READ MORE

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