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Meet Bisimwa Kaite and Karen Lecoutre – the two newest members of the Borderless Team

February 8, 2022
Borderless Leadership

Bisimwa Kaite and Karen Lecoutre are the latest consultants to join the Borderless Team bringing their diverse, multicultural expertise to our search work in life sciences and the chemical value chain.

Bisimwa joined us a few months back, adding another 10 years of life sciences expertise to our work with the sector. Bisimwa’s understanding of the industry and his ability to develop close relationships with pharma executives is already paying dividends for Borderless clients.

Born and educated in Belgium Bisimwa is a talented linguist, happy to communicate with executives in any of his seven languages, including Lingala and Swahili. “Born to Congolese parents and having grown up in a multicultural environment, I have always found it enriching to interact with people from different backgrounds. It’s been fun to have the chance to do so daily across our borderless world”, comments Bisimwa.

Karen joined the team at the start of this year. A Belgian national with 13 years of experience in the chemical industry in recruitment and HR, plus a period in executive coaching, Karen has been quick to make an impact with our chemical sector clients.

“People see me as open and service-oriented”, says Karen. “I make a point of listening well to understand the impact of business and career challenges on executives. I am now based in Madrid having lived in four countries and eight cities. When executives are called on to relocate and adapt to other cultures, Karen has a good feel for what it takes. “Executives know I am not spouting theories, I am talking from real-life experience”.

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