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Jorge Alfonso joins Borderless Leadership Consulting and Executive Search

November 15, 2018
Borderless Leadership

Jorge Alfonso, an international consultant specialized in Life Sciences, has joined the Borderless team. Jorge will use his experience in management consulting and specialty recruitment to place corporate leaders ready to make a meaningful impact.

The transition to executive search was brought on my Jorge’s passion for people and business, helped along by a Business Administration degree. His life and work in Cuba, Mexico and Belgium give him the multicultural expertise to work be effective in the global context of the Life Sciences sector.

“I’m curious about the world at large and driven by a desire to engage in discussion with industry executives,” says Jorge. “I look forward to supporting our clients in the search for talented people.”

His unique background gives him insight into the challenges of international work and transnational organizations, especially regarding executive search.

“Jorge is well placed to find and attract the right person to succeed in a new position in this global sector,” says Els De Cremer, Borderless Managing Director.

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