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EPCA Diversity & Gender Inclusion: paving the way for better business

October 18, 2015
Borderless Leadership

During the 2015 European Petrochemical Association’s (EPCA) event on Diversity and Inclusion, Gillian Tett, a renowned journalist and anthropologist presented Silos, Silence & Diversity. Gillian recently authored an excellent book on the role that Silos play in organization and society at large. She concluded that silos of one form or another inhibit diversity and inclusion in industry.

As a chemical industry participant perceived as a visible driver and contributor to the industry’s efforts on diversity and inclusion, Borderless is a non-producer member on the EPCA Council on Diversity and Inclusion. Borderless through its networks in the global petrochemical sector is active in catalyzing and informing industry efforts for greater diversity and inclusion.

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