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Do strategic account managers require superpowers? Time for Account-Based Marketing to come to the rescue

February 14, 2020
Borderless Leadership

The global economy is becoming increasingly complex and, since we work in the strategic account management environment, we can see the impact it has on the day-to-day role of strategic account managers (SAMs).

We are finding the skill set of the strategic account manager constantly evolving and increasing in demand due to today’s disruptive environment. With customer integration increasing, it creates additional complexity to build trustworthy relationships and partnerships. SAMs’ own organizations are evolving and often centralizing, adding more to the SAM’s plate not only in terms of skill set but also number of accounts, expectations for growth and required competencies. SAMs are being stretched thin, from both a customer and internal perspective.

Today’s SAM really does feel like she/he needs superpowers to do the job.

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By Dominique Côté & Kate Burda


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