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A practical toolkit for becoming an outstanding manager

April 24, 2020
Borderless Leadership

Most people rarely get beyond the first chapter when reading the next best book on becoming a great leader.

For once here’s something a little different that caught our eye. More than just the usual dry text, the essential toolkit to Be(Come) An Awesome Manager is a practical workbook with modules on every aspect of management inviting the reader to reflect on managerial capabilities, how to evaluate them, and build the ones needed to create value for customers, employees and the organization. Using stories, guided reading and interactive exercises and assessments, the three authors all with real-life experiences in management, explain how to reflect on your own capabilities and determine areas for self- improvement and growth. It makes a welcome change from yet another video conference.


Be(Come) An Awesome Manager:

Liesbeth Claus, Scott Baker, Peter Vermeulen

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