Borderless Future

Data driven decision making fueling Big Data adoption

August 19, 2019

Big data is considered as the next huge transformation in data management and analysis. Many businesses around the world have employed big data technology in their operations to help them analyze the consistently generated data. The big data technology’s adoption has shown lots of promises..

Uber and Lyft Are Betting That Driverless Cars Will Help Them Finally Make Money. Here’s Why It Won’t Work

August 14, 2019

Uber and Lyft are still losing money. In a recent quartly report, Uber posted a loss of $5.2 billion, its largest ever, and Lyft expects to lose as much as $875 million this year. So you can understand why both companies are looking for ways to boost revenue and..

How Self-Driving Cars Could Shape Our Future

August 13, 2019

Self-driving cars are a shared ambition among Google, Tesla, Apple, Uber and Lyft, among other automotive, tech and ridesharing companies. For Uber and Lyft specifically, it’s a matter of cutting costs. However, fiscal expediency is not the main benefit of this emerging technology. Roughly 94 percent of traffic accidents are..

These 5 great alternative search engines do what Google can’t

August 13, 2019

You’d be hard-pressed to find the cross section of living people who have searched for something on the web and who haven’t ever—never, ever, ever, not even once—used Google. But even if you are among the billions who do, it’s nice to know you have..

Seven very simple principles for designing more ethical AI

August 8, 2019

No matter how powerful, all technology is neutral.Electricity can be designed to kill (the electric chair) or save lives (a home on the grid in an inhospitable climate). The same is true for artificial intelligence (AI), which is an enabling layer of technology much like..

Making Technology Accessible to Everyone, Everywhere

August 6, 2019

Globalization has broadened national markets, expanding them far beyond traditional boundaries and creating historic opportunities for growth and success. At the same time, the push across traditional trade lines and practices has amped up competition, altered consumer purchasing habits, and accelerated the pace at which..

How upskilling can help offset job losses from AI

July 30, 2019

Over the past year, there have been many discussion, blogs and conferences focused on the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) into the digital workforce. There have also been many commentators predicting the loss of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of jobs as AI gains..

How Big Data can be a Big Problem

July 29, 2019

Data is considered a business’s most valuable asset, so it’s understandable that organizations often strive to collect as much of it as they can. The more data you have, the more opportunity for insight, right? That mentality has spawned the era of big data —..

New top emerging risk: Pace of change

July 25, 2019

Companies are, of course, concerned about their ability to keep up with a rapidly changing business landscape. But driving that, in part, are concerns about their own lagging and misconceived digitalization strategies. So says Gartner in its latest Emerging Risks Monitor Report. In a second-quarter..

The future of work: 5 important ways jobs will change in the 4th industrial revolution

July 23, 2019

In many respects, the future of work is already here. Amid the headlines exclaiming the predicted loss of jobs due to automation and other changes brought by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and autonomous systems, it’s clear that the way we work and live is..