Borderless Future

5 ways work culture will change by 2030

April 18, 2019

Recent years have seen an exceptional awareness and prioritization of workplace culture by both employers and employees. Culture is a company’s “personality,” including the behavioral expectations, practices, and other norms that influence how people interact both internally and on its behalf. Ignore it at your..

The difference between big data and machine learning

April 16, 2019

Big data and machine learning have become buzzwords we hear thrown around a lot, without necessarily understanding the nuances of each concept. While the two fields certainly aren’t mutually exclusive – and in fact intersect in ever more crucial ways – there are some key..

Artificial intelligence and the circular economy: AI as a tool to accelerate the transition

April 11, 2019

Over the past 200 years, humans have developed an impressive industrial economy that has provided unprecedented prosperity. The result of our collective intelligence, this economy has been built by years of gradual improvement and is powered by new technologies. However, this system is in need..

Cyber spend: How to protect yourself without breaking the bank

April 9, 2019

For years, cybersecurity at Prime Equipment Group was confined to strong firewalls and an off-the-shelf anti-virus/anti-malware package. After all, the privately held Columbus, Ohio-based manufacturer of poultry processing equipment, with annual revenues of $40 million and 150 employees, was relatively small. They were confident that..

Is your business ready for the Internet of Things?

April 4, 2019

Ten years ago, it would have been strange to stand alone in a room and tell that someone named “Alexa” to order pizza — but today, most of us take in stride the virtual assistance that AI provides. With the Internet of Things (IOT), consumers..

AI Anxiety: An ethical challenge for business

April 2, 2019

Surprisingly, most workers today are optimistic about artificial intelligence (AI). Amid doomsday headlines about massive job losses due to automation, more than half of employees would welcome AI if it reduces time-consuming drudge work (64%), increases fairness (62%), or ensures that managers make better choices..

There are now 5 generations in the workforce–can they work together?

March 28, 2019

With people living longer and retiring later just as younger generations are taking their first jobs, for the first time ever, five generations coexist in the workplace. For businesses, this presents an unprecedented opportunity to drive innovation by taking advantage of the extensive amount of..

Big Data, AI & IoT part two: Driving industry 4.0 one step at a time

March 27, 2019

What comes to mind when you think of a factory? A dark Victorian mill? A Charlie Chaplin skit? Or a roboticized production line? Industrial manufacturing has consistently been a marker of progress, acting as a sign of the times as each generation has developed increasingly..

Getting ahead of the game: making gamification work for your business

March 20, 2019

Video games are more ubiquitous than ever. The value of the global market is forecast to reach $137.9bn (€118.4bn) by the end of 2018, representing a growth rate of 13.3 percent year on year. The rise of smartphones has meant players can now tackle puzzles..

Changing workplace dynamics: The impact of the Global Talent Trends

March 12, 2019

There is no denying the fact that the concept of workplace, as we know it, is undergoing a dramatic evolution. This expansion of the workspace that goes beyond the ‘norm’ to incorporate a diverse, talented, global, and multi-generational workforce has also facilitated a shift in..