Borderless Future

Machine learning is no longer an arduous process

June 13, 2019

Many businesses today are struggling to analyze and extract full value from the wealth of data being generated and gathered daily. The challenge that lies with business problem owners – whether this is a C-level executive, analyst or even operations manager – is how to..

Why fears of an AI job-killing apocalypse are overstated

June 12, 2019

When a new generation of industrial robots started arriving in Rust Belt towns in the early 1990s, factory workers panicked. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, each reprogrammable factory robot put in service between 1990 and 2007 eliminated six human jobs. That’s a..

Algorithms are replacing leadership strategies

As people who hope our children or grandchildren will never drive, we read with interest a recent New York Times opinion piece claiming that Owning a Car Will Soon Be as Quaint as Owning a Horse. As the author smartly put it, “everything that can..

Stop talking Big Data; start thinking Data Culture

June 5, 2019

The percentage of companies that report being data-driven is shrinking. According to a recent survey, 31% of firms surveyed say they are data-driven. That’s down from 32.4% in 2018 and 37.1% in 2017. Meanwhile, 87.8% of executives report having a greater urgency to invest in..

5 ways you can expect Gen Zers to impact your company (and how you can impact them)

June 4, 2019

Just as you got used to embracing and engaging Millennials, the latest workforce, Gen Z, is changing the game yet again. It’s a common misconception that members of Gen Z are merely younger versions of Millennials. In reality, they’re even more tech-savvy, and they’re hungrier..

Will AI save you from bad managers in the future of work?

May 28, 2019

The world of business has a unhealthy attraction to chaos theory. Popular culture has driven companies and large cohorts of management into adopting chaos as their modus operandi. Amateur managers often resort to tactical game theory learnt as part of their management courses to compensate..

Why I believe we’ll achieve a circular economy

May 23, 2019

The business world has begun to realize the environmental and economic benefits of eliminating waste — for example, by redesigning products and processes or finding new life for existing products and materials post-use. This shift is laying the groundwork essential for building a global circular..

How AI can help redesign the employee experience

May 22, 2019

That’s what 17% of workers who quit a new job within the first six months of hiring say, according to a BambooHR survey. Another 23% might have stayed if managers had communicated better, while 21% blamed poor training. These ex-employees aren’t outliers; more than two-thirds..

Five ways Big Data can help your bsiness succeed

May 14, 2019

From its humble beginnings a few years ago as a concept in the minds of nerdy scientists, big data has become a mainstay in the business world. According to Harvard Business Review, 99% of businesses surveyed reported that they intend to implement big data analytics..

Why Millennial and Gen Z employees are really leaving you

May 13, 2019

When recruiting early career talent, many companies think installing a foosball table and stocking the breakroom fridge with beer is all you need. What they didn’t expect was the fact that the Millennials and early Gen-Zers joining the workforce now have far more sophisticated needs..