Borderless Leadership

The benefits of thinking out loud

August 19, 2019

It’s easy to get a bad rap if we don’t take the time to explain our actions to those most affected. Sounds simple I know but…often overlooked! It took a while for me but eventually I developed this awareness as seen through the eyes of..

This is why you’re addicted to being busy

August 13, 2019

Why do we feel so compelled to always be busy? Why is it that the moment there’s not a mile-high stack of tasks or projects on our plate, we suddenly feel anxious and unsettled (when really the opposite should be the case). Busyness has become..

Critical Thinking Is the Skill Many Leaders Lack

August 8, 2019

There is an essential skill all successful entrepreneurs need, and should look for in new employees, yet is often missing in organizations. And that skill is critical thinking. I teach leadership programs all over the world, and in my experience, it’s a topic most leaders haven’t heard of, studied or received..

How to Have a Global Vision: Top Tips on Entering New Markets

August 5, 2019

You’ve successfully grown your business and secured a solid foothold in your domestic market. That’s great, especially when statistics from the European Commission show that more than 50 percent of European businesses fail in the first five years. So, what’s next? Chances are that you are..

This is what leaders need to do to prevent work-life stress from taking over

August 5, 2019

Leaders have a huge responsibility in contributing to work-life fulfillment, but they often forget what they can do to help employees achieve that. In a lot of work-life recommendations, we empower ourselves to balance brilliantly (despite problems with the idea of ‘balance’), find fulfillment, and seek..

Leading On Empty: How Leaders Drive Their People To Burnout

August 1, 2019

So here’s the dilemma: you’re a CEO, a senior leader, or a high-level manager at a large company. You know that a significant percentage of your employees are feeling overworked, overwhelmed, exhausted, and less than fully engaged. You agree, philosophically, that when people take care..

Men must take an active role in closing the gender gap in corporate leadership

July 31, 2019

A recent report from and Survey Monkey found that 60% of male managers say they’re uncomfortable mentoring or working alone with a woman—up 14 percentage points from last year. This presents a daunting challenge for all of us who care about closing the gender..

Lead with your weaknesses…and strengths

July 29, 2019

Lead with your weaknesses, not with your strengths. I learned that lesson many years ago in my first executive position but to this day must still remind myself of skills and disciplines to sharpen as well as new ones to acquire. My first awareness came..

Have you reached the point of hubris in your leadership?

July 26, 2019

Leadership is hard. When you assume the role of leader, among other things, you’re supposed to work harder and longer than everyone else, rally people behind challenging and compelling goals, make accurate decisions and cut good deals, elevate peoples’ standards and performance, and build a..

The most underused asset at work: being human

July 23, 2019

I was moderating a panel on leadership for a client of mine and received the bios of the three very accomplished executive panelists. All three bios were simply a list of credentials— impressive credentials, but that was it. There was nothing human. Nothing personal. Nothing..