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It took a pandemic to finally make the workplace about people

SEPTEMBER 02, 2020

Our special guest Joanne Kamens PhD, Executive Director at Addgene, the Boston-based nonprofit global plasmid repository, discussed its exceptional, award-winning culture. Joanne helped us discover what makes Addgene a special place to work and the techniques and practices established by Joanne that have created Addgene’s celebrated inclusive culture.

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Pandemic accelerates changes across food & drinks

JULY 02, 2020

Borderless Live brought together Juan Aguiriano Group Head Sustainability, Technology Ventures of Kerry Group, formerly of Dupont and Defne Saral Global Sales Director, Ingredients with FrieslandCampina, formerly with DowDupont.

We discussed how the pandemic has accelerated trends already under way in the food industry and how retailers, suppliers and producers along the entire supply chain are responding to simultaneous challenges of food safety, food waste reduction, sustainability, packaging viability, and efficiency at every level of the food chain.

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What can the Life Sciences sector and other industries learn from Amazon?

JUNE 03, 2020

Our guests were Peter Vermeulen, Managing Partner Terra Umana, formerly with Amazon, Linde and Johnson & Johnson, and Paul Connolly, Vice President of Operations EMEA Goodyear formerly with Johnson & Johnson. Both executives are at the top of their chosen professions with global experience in leading Human Resources and Operations.

Following successful careers in the world’s largest life sciences company, their subsequent ‘lives’ at Amazon and in the industrial world, have provided them with exceptional insights that challenge conventional thinking and will enable you put fresh ideas into practice in the life sciences sector and related industries. Listen to what they have to say.

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Ensuring the safe return of employees to plant operations

May 21, 2020

Our guest was Clark Harrison, COO at Zobele Group. Led by Clark, the company’s seven industrial sites worldwide responded to the Covid-19 crisis by implementing revised operating practices that created a more secure environment for the physical health and emotional well-being of more than 6,000 employees. Here’s how.

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* Courtesy of Zobele Group

Putting people first: the leadership and human challenge post-crisis

May 06, 2020

Thought-provoking opinions and pragmatic answers to the concerns of the audience from the conversation with guests Fred du Plessis, Betina Rama and William Zhao.

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What awaits us when the chemical industry emerges from Covid-19?

April 15, 2020

Notes and commentary from the discussion with renowned industry experts Fred du Plessis and William Zhao.

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