Onboarding: It’s not just for traditional ‘new’ employees

April 18, 2017

When employees transfer to new positions in your company, they need on-boarding much like new hires. Whether accepting a promotion or moving laterally, employees who change jobs need to understand their new responsibilities, meet their new coworkers, and learn to work with a new boss…

How to read your new boss before onboarding into a new role

April 12, 2017

The No. 1 reason people fail in new jobs is poor fit. And the critical fit is between employee and boss. So shame on you if you take fit with your new boss for granted when onboarding into a new role. Instead, do a real..

Four things to do in the first 30 days on the job

April 5, 2017

The first few weeks of a new job are easy in some ways, difficult in others. In most roles, you will not know enough in the beginning to take on a heavy workload. But you’ll have to be aware of what’s going on, and you’ll..

Three ways you’re still onboarding new hires all wrong

March 27, 2017

Your new hire’s first day usually involves a lot of paperwork, setting up passwords and logins, meeting new people whose names they’ll inevitably forget, and similar odds and ends. They’re all necessary but may not create the most exciting first impression–and as the saying goes,..

How to build an effective employee onboarding system

March 20, 2017

I get to see teams of all shapes and sizes in my work helping organizations find their key staff. One of the common threads I’ve noticed in the most successful teams I’ve met is effective onboarding. When you’re an entrepreneur, slowing down for a few..

Back to the basics: Nine simple steps for smarter hiring

March 16, 2017

In today’s business climate, we professionals are working longer, juggling more tasks, and finding ourselves with more to do than there are hours in the day. That’s why hiring often finds itself a relegated task — viewed as an unpleasant inconvenience. We understand that we..

The 3 most common — and costly — hiring mistakes

March 7, 2017

Most organizations are intimately familiar with their cost-to-hire metrics. With the job market in many sectors the most competitive it has been in years, human resources and hiring professionals understand the urgency that such intense competition creates. They want to attract great candidates, smoothly and..

First impressions are critical to keeping hold of staff

March 2, 2017

At logistics company DHL, initiating new staff starts long before they show up for work. First, they are sent their contract in an attractive folder. Next, two weeks before they are due to begin, they receive a package called DHL in a Box. This includes..

Employee onboarding – What’s your plan?

February 23, 2017

HR – that department within a company that is responsible for so many things – recruitment, employment, policy manuals, training and development, performance evaluation structures, terminations/outboarding, and more. And for small businesses, all of these functions fall upon the single owner. Consider the time it..

Seven tips to avoid the costs of high turnover

February 14, 2017

One challenge businesses face is employee turnover: Time and resources spent getting a staff member up to speed can vanish quickly when that person decides to pursue other opportunities. It’s been reported, for example, that it can cost more than 30% of an annual salary..