Borderless Future

5 ways to catapult your company’s success with Gen Z

December 7, 2017

As Millennials are growing up and moving into the real world, the fuss about “kids these days” has shifted to Generation Z. Will this generation “ruin” whole industries like Millennials reportedly did? Most importantly, how can this generation of digital natives possibly fit into the..

How technology can transform workplace humanity

December 4, 2017

One could argue that technology has done more to harm humans than to help them. Interactions that were once between people have been redirected toward screens—just think of office exchanges, self-checkouts and online purchases. The allure of technology has led to distracted driving, which puts..

AI might give you a personal assistant instead of taking your job

November 30, 2017

With the advent of artificial intelligence, assistants should no longer be a luxury confined to executives. We already have AI helpers in our personal lives, such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, but now is the time to take this to the workplace. Despite advancements..

Millennials want job stability, Gen Z wants passion

November 27, 2017

Generation Z is “The Change Generation,” because all of the recent global events increase their desire to make a difference in their future careers – and it also exacerbates their need for more “mental health support” from their employers, according to Lovell Corp.’s “2017 Change..

Donald Trump’s unwitting surrender to China

November 23, 2017

Sixty years ago Russia shocked the world with the launch of the Sputnik satellite. Donald Trump was 11 years old. That display of superiority jolted America to outspend the USSR in a drive that produced the internet and the global positioning system. Today’s Sputnik moment,..

How the Internet of Things will reshape future production systems

November 21, 2017

Rich data, ubiquitous connectivity, and real-time communication are changing the way companies work. For leaders, that transformation will extend much further than the machines on the factory floor. For decades, many of the world’s best companies have used their production systems as a source of..

Think the digital workplace doesn’t reach you? Think again

November 20, 2017

No profession is untouched by the changing digital landscape, from construction to retail, never mind the health care and finance professions, according to a report from Brookings Institution. What’s more, the pace is accelerating. Almost 4 million of 13 million new jobs created since 2010..

Time is ripe for chemical industry to grasp digitisation – Accenture

The chemical industry is gradually becoming aware of the benefits that digitisation can offer in terms of efficiency and cost savings, but it will take a leap of faith to move from awareness to spending money and being prepared to alter business processes. Chemical companies..

Should Millennials prepare for Generation Z in the workplace?

November 15, 2017

For the past decade or so, baby boomers, Gen Xers, and just about anyone writing about business or social trends has enjoyed getting to capitalize on the impending arrival of the millennial generation. Depending on who you ask, millennials are born somewhere between the 1980s..

Enterprise Automation and AI will reach $10 billion in 2018 to engineer the OneOffice

November 13, 2017

As we brace ourselves for yet another deluge of dodgy automation and AI predictions for 2018, where people just make stuff up and hope we don’t remember them in a few months, we thought we’d break the mold and actually release some real numbers based..